Bridging Compliance +

Our Tax Professionals Work with you Throughout the Year to Minimize your Tax Liability

Your tax return is more than a necessary evil; it is an important piece of your entire financial picture. That's why our job isn't done when the tax return is complete. We continually work with you throughout the year to minimize your tax liability as much as possible.

Our ongoing approach helps you to understand the tax implications before you make decisions, not after. Whether you need assistance for your company, or as an individual, we help you balance the decisions of today so you can achieve your goals of tomorrow.

Tax Planning

As a business owner, it is important for you to not only understand the tax implications of every decision you make but also be aware of tax law changes as they happen. Our tax team is there throughout the year to make sure you remain on track by reviewing your quarterly financial statements, participating in the annual audit planning meeting, and reviewing the impact of new legislation on your business. We are communicating tax law proposals and changes to our clients via meetings with them, newsletters, email blasts, blogs and industry roundtables hosted by us at our offices.

Likewise, it is important for you personally to understand the tax implications of every financial decision you make. We are asking, "Have you updated or revised your personal financial goals?", "Made any significant changes to your financial plan?", or "Have any life-changing situations occurred recently?"

Tax Compliance

Managing tax obligations is more difficult each year. New legislation is often unwieldy and burdensome. Our professionals take active roles in accounting societies and industry associations, so we are aware of tax proposals and their implications before they become law. Paying close attention to tax legislation allows us to advise you quickly on what the changes mean and recommend steps to take.

Every year there seems to be more oversight and scrutiny. We focus on the details, while never losing sight of the big picture.

Tax Defense

No one likes it - disputes with tax authorities are never a pleasant situation and often require an experienced advisor. If this happens to you, MarksNelson professionals will assess the situation, and prepare and present your defense for you. Historically, we have helped our clients come to a quick and reasonable solution.