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Filing & Payment Deadline Updates

March 24, 2020

Federal: The IRS has extended the federal tax filing deadline to July 15 regardless of amount owed. They have limited operations and continue to process refunds for applicable taxpayers filing sooner.  The deadline does not apply to other federal (i.e. payroll), state, and local taxes.

Missouri: The Missouri Department of Revenue is following suit and has also announced that state income taxes will be due July 15. This applies to balance due and estimates as well.

Kansas: The Kansas tax filing deadline has also moved to July 15, however estimated tax payments are still due April 15. Governor Kelly signed Executive Order #20-13, extending Kansas tax filing and payment deadlines to July 15, 2020, and waiving any interest and penalties for returns and payments made on or before July 15, 2020. Further, the order extends the filing date for homestead and property tax relief refund claims to October 15, 2020. However, this order does not change laws, regulations, or rules regarding estimated tax payments due April 15, 2020. This order is intended to bring Kansas’ tax filing procedures in line with federal IRS measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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