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Product Cost for Manufacturers — Key to Setting a Successful Pricing Strategy

For Linda Freeman, tax season is every season. Linda works year-round to minimize clients tax liability as much as possible. Learn more about MarksNelson's tax team. Recently, I received an article titled “What is the Primary Reason to Understand Your Product Cost?”  As I read this article it made me think about how product costing can be a significant driver in the success of an organization.  Whether you are a manufacturer in Ohio or the Kansas City area, I suggest that you take a look at this article.  Click here to read the article> Then let me know if you agree.

This article was written by Jennifer Kinzel from William Vaughn Company located in Maumee, Ohio.  Both MarksNelson and William Vaughn Company are members of The Leading Edge Alliance, the second-largest international professional association of independently owned accounting and consulting firms. As a member of The Leading Edge, we have access to broad-based resources that, frankly, other firms do not. This gives us a bigger view, a broader perspective, and connections when you need assistance in far reaching locations within and without the United States.

If this article raises any questions for you, or if you have any other concerns to discuss, reach out to the MarksNelson members of the Manufacturing/Distributing team.  We’re here to make sure that whether it is product costing, tax planning, or a variety of financial reporting and analytical studies, you’re getting the right answers to keep your business moving forward.

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