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MarksNelson University

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Success ProfileWork Experience
MarksNelson’s Success Profiles offer you the opportunity to have success and grow in your current role and the opportunity to advance in your career. Our Success Profiles provide you with a defined set of competencies and skills needed to perform your role well and that need to be mastered for you to be ready for promotion. As you progress, the competencies build on the skill sets of your previous position.
Training and support on engagements and projects that are meaningful and challenging, stretch our professionals and help them grow in their roles.


Career CoachesOngoing FeedbackPerformance EvaluationsGoalsIndividual Development Plan
MarksNelson Career Coaches guide you through planning and managing your career.
Providing in-the-moment feedback ensures that we take advantage of every opportunity to help our professionals learn and grow.
MarksNelson Performance Evaluations are designed to be a summary of the feedback given during the year and are used to set goals and learning objectives that help our professionals get where they want to be in their careers.
MarksNelson professionals are asked to set and monitor annual goals that help them meet the competencies in their Success Profiles and help the firm reach its strategic objectives.
An Individual Development Plan is a tool to assist you in your career and personal development. Its primary purpose is to help you reach short and long-term career goals, as well as improve current job performance.


Learning/TrainingMentors & Peer Buddies
Your MarksNelson University Learning Track is designed to help you become proficient with the competencies listed in your Success Profile and addresses the technical skills as well as the soft skills, leadership skills and trusted business advisor skills needed to do your job well.
Every new MarksNelson hire, whether experienced or fresh out of school, is assigned a “peer buddy” to serve as your contact before your actual start date. Your peer buddy will answer questions and help guide you through the firm’s official orientation, which includes written and unwritten rules and norms, our mission, shared values, ethical standards and more.

Learning also takes place through our optional mentoring program which pairs you with a more experienced firm member who acts as a sounding board and guide for the feedback and evaluations received from your Career Coach.