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Firm History


  • 1968 – David K. Miller & Co. began
  • 1976– Dennis Nelson joined David K. Miller & Co.
  • 1978– Name changed to Miller, Nelson & Co.
  • 1979 – Marks & Stallings, P.A. began
  • 1984*– Larry Vohland became a partner
  • 1987– Marks, Stalling & Campbell, P.A. began
  • 1997– Don Towle became a shareholder
  • 1998– Terry Staley & Linda Freeman became shareholders
  • 2000– Rob Metcalf became a shareholder
  • 2001 – Merged to form Marks Nelson Vohland & Campbell, LLC.
    30 Staff, $3.6 million revenue
  • 2003– David Kaseff & Mark Radetic became members


MarksNelson requires an air of vigilance from every team member. But why? The truth is, every firm promises to put you first. MarksNelson promises to keep you on track and informed.

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The team at MarksNelson believes that the smallest point can be just as important as your biggest line item. Our pledge is to deliver a quality product, prepared with great attention to detail and accuracy.

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