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Credit & Incentive Services

Federal governments, states and localities have a wide variety of tax credits and incentives available. Many are designed to encourage businesses to relocate, expand or remain in the area.  Why not benefit from such programs?

We work with you to explore what credit and incentive opportunities are available, based on your plans. The most valuable incentives generally relate to the:

  • Creation and/or retention of jobs
  • Construction of a new facility
  • Expansion of an existing facility
  • Training of employees
  • Capital expenditures

Incentive Negotiation

Working concurrently with representatives of federal, state, county and municipal development agencies, we seek efficient, creative solutions to your incentive needs.

Credit & Incentive Review

We would be happy to review your previously filed tax returns to see if any credit opportunities exist. And if you have benefited through programs in the past, we can review your records to see if you have fully utilized them.


Once incentives have been obtained, there are often quarterly and annual filing requirements to continue to receive benefits.  We can take on this function or help to train your staff in what is required.