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Wrapped in

Wrapping Those in Need, in Warmth

Imagine living under a bridge or in a makeshift tent trying to protect yourself from the dangerous cold. That’s the reality for thousands of people in Kansas City.

MarksNelson’s Wrapped in Warmth program is designed to provide hats, scarves, gloves, and blankets to those who need it during the winter months.

MarksNelson launched “Wrapped in Warmth” in 2016 after realizing the need for warm winter accessories. Numerous organizations collect coats, but no one seemed to be focused on accessories such as scarves, hats, and gloves, which can be a significant help in staving off the cold and preventing frostbite. Instead of decorating MarksNelson’s lobby Christmas tree with traditional ornaments that year, employees were invited to wrap the tree with scarves, hats, and gloves to be donated to the homeless. Employees donated so many that the tree – topped with a hand-knitted stocking cap – couldn’t hold them all.

In addition to collecting and distributing items, in 2017 MarksNelson employees came up with an innovative idea to move the program forward. There are now more than a dozen people who come together to knit and sew handmade items. They put their hearts in each loop to let the person on the receiving end know they are valued.

Despite the 2020 challenges of working remotely, our associates knew the need was greater than ever. Everyone came together to donate more than 1,400 items to three local charities to make sure our most vulnerable people are wrapped in warmth.  

Wrapped in Warmth is part of MarksNelson’s ongoing Marks of Kindness program, which encourages employees to personally get involved in making a difference in the community.