Wrapped in

Our Wrapped in Warmth Program is Designed to Support the Homeless of Kansas City

Imagine living under a bridge or in a makeshift tent trying to protect yourself from the dangerous cold. That’s the reality for thousands of people in Kansas City

MarksNelson’s Wrapped in Warmth program is designed to support the homeless by providing hats, scarves, and gloves during the winter months. On the Thursday before Christmas, volunteers tie the items to trees and light poles in more than a dozen locations across the metro. Attached to each is a note that reads: “The spirit of the season has found you. We hope this item keeps you wrapped in warmth all winter long.”

Wrapped in Warmth began in 2016 with nearly 500 hats, scarves, and gloves and continues to grow. In 2017 the firm and its community partners were able to provide over 2,000 winter essentials. The goal is to double the impact each year.

MarksNelson employees came up with an innovative idea to move the program forward. In 2017, more than a dozen came together to create a knitting club which meets once a month during lunch. Not only do they make hats, scarves, and gloves for Wrapped in Warmth, but they put their hearts in each loop to let the person on the receiving end know they are valued and matter.