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MarksNelson University is a program dedicated to helping our professionals “Move Forward”

We know that your career is what matters most to you. And it matters to us too. That’s why at the center of MarksNelson University are you and your career.

MarkNelson University offers you the opportunity, development, growth and tools needed to advance in your career:

  • Success Profiles provide you with a set of competencies that define effective performance. Your Success Profile helps answer the questions “What does successful performance look like?” and “How will I know when I’m ready to be promoted?”
  • A Career Coach will work closely with you, supervise your engagements or projects, give you timely feedback, help you create goals that drive your development, hold you accountable, and conduct your performance reviews.
  • Individual learning tracks are designed to help you become proficient in the skills identified in your Success Profile.
  • Our optional mentoring program allows participants to select from a group of experienced firm members who exhibit sought after qualities and skills. Through the sharing of knowledge mentors add to your learning experience.

The entire MarksNelson University continuum is geared toward driving your personal and professional growth.


What do leaders at MarksNelson do?

MarksNelson Leadership Academy

  • They model our values.
  • They promote the Firm internally and externally.
  • They develop and engage others.
  • They value relationships as well as results.
  • The learn and effect change in the themselves, systems or processes.

The Leadership Academy is designed to help our staff members develop skills in these areas by learning to lead self, lead others and lead the Firm. There are two tracks in the academy:

  1. Leadership 101 is an acceptance by application program open to all professionals of the firm and is designed to teach the basics of Emotional Intelligence, Public Speaking, Networking and Innovation.
  2. Master's in Leadership is an invitation only program for selected managers and is designed to take a deep dive into leadership skills on the personal, department and firm levels.