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Audit Department Wins Auction for Teammate

By MarksNelson on January 29, 2015 in Marks Of Kindness
RMH - Brianna

Our professionals love helping Ronald McDonald House and…. each other. In our efforts to raise money to RMH Charities, we decided to auction off Mark’s spot while he was out of town. This soon took off into an Audit/TAX Dept. competition with other partners donating their parking spaces to raise the bidding. Thanks to Jim Homan, who displayed his own Mark of Kindness by coordinating an Audit Dept bid to win the space for our fearless mother of twins to be – Brianna. The ABA partners graciously agreed to match donations and thanks to their generosity and Jim’s hard work they submitted a winning bid of $325.

PS. Stay tuned to hear about how the tax department answered this challenge.