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Accounting Technology is Your Savior

By MarksNelson on November 6, 2017 in Articles, Entrepreneurial Services, Jennifer Katrulya

How to Identify, Implement, and Train Your Staff on the Best Options Out There

You know you want to switch from your manual accounting system to a cloud-based application. But your days are full, and you’re barely keeping up with your financial tasks now.

That’s the point: Accounting technology can give you back more of your time, and make your bookkeeping work more accurate and faster. It will provide insight and information that you can’t get from shuffling through papers and looking at calendars.

Where do you start?

Do some research.

First, determine what your company may need in the next couple of years. Do you want a comprehensive accounting solution built for small businesses? Or will a less feature-rich application do? Both types exist.

Once you’ve determined that:

  • Ask other small businesses what they’re using, and why.
  • Read online reviews from actual users.
  • Take advantage of free trials and demos.

You’ll probably run into a lot of QuickBooks users. It’s relatively easy to use. It provides records and transaction forms and reports that can help you manage your customers and vendors, sales and purchases, inventory – even payroll. You can start with a low-cost junior version if that’s all you need and grow by upgrading or choosing from hundreds of integrated add-on apps.

Evaluate your options carefully. You’ll be investing time and money, and it’s difficult to switch to another solution once you’re up and running.

You’ve decided on an application. Now what?

If anyone other than you is going to be using your accounting application, get up to speed on it yourself first.

Some small businesses run two sets of books simultaneously when they’re moving to cloud-based accounting, one manual and one online. Or they isolate one element of bookkeeping—invoices, for example—and make the transition with just that task, keeping everything else running manually until they’re ready to tackle another.

Bring on your staff.

Once you feel confident using the new application, introduce its elements to team members, using the same section-by-section approach you used to teach yourself. Some accounting solutions come with a set of sample data. Let your staff practice using that fictional company’s records.

Don’t Go It Alone

We strongly recommend that you get help with training and implementation. It’s much easier to get it right from the start than to have to untangle problematic books. There are many good videos and books and online tutorials, but they only teach the mechanics of the application. They’re not going to teach you how to apply the online solution to your current workflow. That’s a critical step.

This is an area where we excel. We can help you identify, implement, and train. Our expert staff will still be available for troubleshooting and for assistance with complex bookkeeping tasks like reports and account reconciliation after you’re confident using the new application. Or we can do all of your accounting work. So contact your MarksNelson professional at 816-743-7700, and we’ll take on as much as you’d like.


Jennifer Katrulya

Practice Leader