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Accounting Services & Business Advisory

At MarksNelson, our business advisory and accounting team members work with business owners who may not have the resources to support the financial reporting they need.

Every successful business executive understands that decisions need to be grounded in timely, reliable financial information.

  • Do you receive timely and reliable financial statements from your accounting staff?
  • Do you have a bookkeeper but need the skills of a controller?
  • Have you recently lost valuable accounting staff?
  • Are you spending too much on non-core functions?

When you’re busy managing your employees, finding new customers and getting your product out the door, you don’t always have time to give the financial side of your business the attention it deserves.  That’s why you may want to consider outsourcing your accounting.   It is not only a value-solution but a cost-effective business strategy.

Outsourcing your accounting can provide your organization with many benefits, including:

  • Save you money by only paying for the services that you need.  Not only does outsourcing reduce costs but also the overhead associated with internal employees
  • Accounting services to fill in the gaps where needed
  • Provide reporting on a timely basis so you have the data you need to make appropriate business decisions
  • Ability to get the work done without adding more staff
  • Impartial viewpoints to compliment the organization’s team
  • Help to formulate and implement strategic plans based on your business goals
  • Access to the most current technology so you don’t need to update your software or your IT infrastructure
  • Leverage technology to access real-time financial data
  • Provide a system of checks and balances that helps protect your company from fraud

Our Approach

We believe in making your life easier by customizing the right program for your business.  Whether you need a bookkeeper or a controller, you can outsource all of your accounting needs or we can supplement your current staff.

  • No surprise pricing.  A monthly fee means that you can plan and budget your accounting services.
  • Three levels of service to provide you with exactly the skills you need – from bookkeeper to a controller, MarksNelson’s bench is broad and deep and is at your disposal whenever you need it.  Most importantly, you only pay for the services that you need.
  • Tools for today. MarksNelson uses online, cloud-based systems that are flexible no matter how big, or small, your organization. These systems allow you online, anytime access to your financial information.

MarksNelson provides the following outsourced accounting services: 

  • Process and payment of vendor invoices
  • Reconcile bank and credit cards on a monthly basis
  • Maintain fixed asset and depreciation records
  • Maintain general ledger including recording transactions and reconciling balances
  • Prepare financial statements and management reports
  • Analyze financial results and communicate with management
  • Consult on cash flow management
  • Assist with documenting and implementing accounting policies and procedures
  • Provide strategic consulting services
  • Prepare personal financial statements